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NIVIA Engraver Basketball Size 7 with Inflator Pump

NIVIA Engraver Basketball Size 7 with Inflator Pump

NIVIA Engraver Basketball Size 7 Design of this basketball mainly considered for recreational play which helps the player to perform well. Comes with 14 panel construction which improves shooting groove and consistency. Finest Rubberized moulded technology that gives you a great dribble and bounce. Now you can get NIVIA Engraver Basketball Size 7 from WWW.PLAYERSSTOP.COM. Here you find 100% Original Product.

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1. 14 panel construction for improved shooting groove and consistent touch.
2. Highly recommend for completion games .
3. This Rubber moulded basketball specially built for maximum output.
4. The ball is therefore very strong and long lasting.


Sku Code BB-201
Size 7
Panel 14
Stitched  Rubberized Moulded
Designed For All Weather
Type Match Ball






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